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QuickStart to Debt Collections
an on-line internet delivered training (LMS compatible) is an interactive introduction to debt collection, designed to give collectors an overview of the business of collections in half the time of typical classroom training.

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QuickStart to Debt Collections offers a faster and cheaper way of delivering basic collection education than traditional training.  Both new and existing collectors will benefit from this information.

Measurable Results
Through engaging activities, games and an on-line Proficiency Exam, QuickStart assures you that your collector is prepared with the necessary knowledge to succeed in classroom training and further skills development for on-the-job collection success. 

What We Cover
QuickStart has 5 Modules and Preparatory Exams:

Module One
A Credit Industry overview will enable your collector to:

  • Identify the most common forms of credit activity
  • Describe the credit lifecycle
  • Name the three major credit reporting agencies and their function in credit extension
  • List five important federal laws and their roles in governing the credit lifecycle

Module Two
A Collector's Role
will enable your collector to:

  • Describe the function of debt collection in the credit lifecycle
  • Name the four major responsibilities of a debt collector
  • Identify four laws that govern debt collection and how they apply

Module Three
Communicating with Confidence, collectors will be able to:

  • Describe why listening is important and name three components of active listening
  • List six vocal and verbal characteristics that set the stage for effective collections
  • Identify the differences between assertive and aggressive communication

Module Four
Understanding Delinquent Customers educates the learner about:

  • The five major factors that contribute to consumer delinquency
  • The five common emotional states of delinquent customers
  • The pre-call planning components needed for collection problem-solving

Module Five
Making the Collection Call, collection associates learn:

  • How to open and close a collection call with courtesy
  • Alternate ways to ask the reason for delinquency
  • How to ask fact-finding questions based on the reason for delinquency
  • Strategies for motivating debtors at different stages of delinquency

Preparatory Exam
A Preparatory Exam of 25 questions, 5 from each learning module, enables each learner to determine his or her own readiness for the on-line Proficiency Exam.

Proficiency Exam
(purchased separately)
Proficiency exams are geared for both entry level and experienced collectors.  The on-line Proficiency Exam, comprised of 50 questions compiled randomly by computer, lets you know whether your associate has learned and retained the necessary knowledge to succeed in classroom training and further skills development for on-the-job collection success.  

The exams are accessed on our website through individualized usernames and passwords.  Each students score is available on our website confidentially to management.  Student's scoring 80% and above are provided a Proficiency Certificate.

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