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What is e-Learning? 
e-Learning is the on-line delivery of information, education and training.  It's not meant to replace classroom learning but rather to enhance it. 

Our clients have been pleased that the education can be delivered in a much more cost-effective manner, often in half the time of similar classroom delivery and without the preparation of an experienced training professional.

Benefits of e-Learning  

bullet Consistency of delivered material
bullet Empowers the collector to learn and retain information
bullet Fast effective deployment of mission critical knowledge
bullet Lower-cost learning
bullet Well trained and up-to-date workforce
bullet Focuses on the individual learner; self-directed and flexible

About our Education CD's 

bullet It's interactive! User participation keeps interest level high
bullet Use of games designed to make learning fun
bullet Skill assessment quizzes throughout ensure the collector is learning critical information
bullet Builds a strong educational foundation for more effective classroom skill building
bullet Benefits of this education include an increase in dollars collected and higher performance levels
bullet Managers get on-line results of students exam scores
bullet Compare the test score results of your collectors with the national average!