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FDCPA Updates 

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 

PRG has raised the standards in the collection industry for education in the Fair Debt Collection
Practices Act.  With (CBT) internet based training you can insure staff competency in professional industry standards for communication with customers.


Our multimedia and interactive training CD incorporates
  user participation
  skill assessment quizzes
  games to help the collector retain important information

Computer Based Training allows collectors to learn at their own pace!

What We Cover

Chapter 1 
  • What is the FDCPA?
  • Who it governs
  • Types of Debts
  • Why Comply
  • Violation of the FDCPA
  • Introduction Review

Chapter 2 - What Does the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Require?
2.1  Validation of Debt & Case Study with Questions and Answers
  2.1A Verification
  2.1B Mini-Miranda
2.2  Request to Cease Communication & Case Study
2.3  Multiple Debts & Case Study
Chapter Review Question and Answer
Chapter 3- Communication with Consumers Under the FDCPA

3.1  Acquisition of Location Information & Case Study
3.2  Furnishing Deceptive Forms
3.3  Collection Communications & Case Study
3.4  Third Party Communication & Case Study
Chapter Review Question and Answer

Chapter 4 - FDCPA Prohibitions

4.1  False or Misleading Representations & Case Study
4.2  Unfair Practices & Case Study
4.3  Harassment or Abuse & Case Study
Chapter Review Question and Answer

Chapter 5 - Legal Actions by Debt Collectors

5.1  Legal Actions & Case Study

Preparatory Exam
A Preparatory Exam of 25 questions, 5 from each learning module, enables each learner to determine his or her own readiness for the on-line Proficiency Exam.
Proficiency Exam
(purchased separately)
The on-line Proficiency Exam, comprised of 50 questions compiled randomly by computer, lets you know whether your associate has learned and retained the necessary knowledge to succeed in classroom training and on-the-job skills development.  

The exams are accessed on our website through individualized usernames and passwords.  Each students score is available on our website confidentially to management.  Student's scoring 80% and above are provided a Proficiency Certificate.

Click here to learn more about our on-line Proficiency Exams.

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