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e-PRG is working with a government agency in California that manages receivables for medical services provided on a share-of-cost basis to qualifying residents. The agency felt that its billing collection efficiency could be improved and engaged e-PRG to take a look.

In fact, the analysis showed that over 75% of service recipients made no payments at all, with a mean payment ratio across all payment amount ranges of only 13.8%.  No statistically significant relationship was found between the type of medical services rendered and payment behavior.

In a telephone poll of agency clients, e-PRG found that two-thirds of the client population offered ready revenue collection opportunity. The three most frequent responses to e-PRGís survey were:

  • Donít remember getting a bill

  • Thought the services were covered

  • Currently making payments to a recovery agency

Based on this information, e-PRG made customer service-oriented calls to half of all new agency clients for the month of December 2000, advising them of the share-of-cost amount due.   55% of clients contacted made a promise to pay, and 67% kept their promise.

By the second billing, the group of contacted clients paid over nine times as much as the group of clients who were not called. Compared individually, contacted clients paid 50% more per average payment than those who were not called.

These dramatic results offer our client--and other government agencies--the opportunity to significantly improve their net productivity. e-PRG is a full partner, providing analysis, recommendations, champion-challenger testing, education and implementation support.

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